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Your dog's well-being, our priority

At Queva, we deeply understand the bond you share with your furry friend. Every wagging tail, every playful bark, and every affectionate nuzzle tells a story. That's why your dog's well-being isn't just a service to us—it's a commitment. When they're at their best, so are you. Their well-being is, and always will be, our utmost priority.


Prevent health issues before they occur

  • Take an in-app health assessment to get personalized advice for your dog's breed
  • Have access to professional insights and recommendation 24/7 to ensure you dog is at optimal health condition
  • Be notified when your dog is due for a check-up or vaccination
  • Our recommendation system can predict with 99.2% Accuracy
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A window into your dog's well-being

✔️ Follow your dog's exercise level and activities to better plan for a healthier & more active future

✔️ Monitor your dog's rest as they sleep to reveal any health concern before they occur

✔️ Optimize your dog's health and vitality. With actionable insights, empower you to make informed decisions that support your dog's overall well-being

Track my dog behavior now
GPS Tracking

Never lose sight of your dog anytime, anywhere

✔️ GPS powered by LTE network to provide remote tracking for your dog wherever you are

✔️ Be alerted when your dog ventures out too far

✔️ No more subscription fees for the GPS

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Simplify Pet Care
Prevent health issue earlier.
Simplify Pet Care
Prevent health issue earlier.
Simplify Pet Care
Prevent health issue earlier.

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Detection & Notification

Barking Detection & More


To the New Era of PetCare with Queva's Smart Dog Collar

Welcome to the new era of PetCare! Our innovative smart collar, shown here in its sleek, eco-friendly packaging, is designed to transform the way you monitor and care for your furry friend.


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What do our users say?

Assessment to complete when we detect something

When an issue is detected, this assessment provides a swift analysis, pinpointing the cause and guiding corrective action

✔️ Does your dog frequently bark when people entering in your house ? 

✔️ How soon after leaving do symptoms start?

✔️ Are certain events making the anxiety worse?

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You can now prevent health issue earlier with Queva


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Our story

Three years ago, Jacob (Our CEO) adopted Oscar, a beautiful Golden Doodle. Faced with the challenge of regularly monitoring Oscar's health without frequent vet visits, and after a delayed diagnosis of generalized anxiety, the idea for the Queva collar was born. We partnered with numerous veterinarians to create an innovative solution capable of early detection of symptoms in dogs. Thus, we provide pet owners with guidance and solutions for the well-being of their four-legged companions!


Section description

A monthly subscription is required to access all features of our collar, including health monitoring. We offer a basic subscription at $9.99 and an advanced subscription at $18.99
Thanks to our various sensors and our AI, we can now track your pet's activity and be able to detect any anomaly related to its health.
Currently, our pre-orders are now open to the USA. We expect to deliver the product in the summer 2024. Note that you can receive a free mystery gift as an early bird gift.
No, our collars offer worldwide coverage through LTE-M technology. If you have any concerns about coverage, please reach out to our team at